Our Fabrics

Our Fabrics

Country Road Group uses raw materials from a range of countries including: China, Pakistan, India, Spain, Portugal and Australia.

We're committed to improving traceability through the supply chain and ensuring the responsible sourcing of our key raw materials - cotton, cellulose, leather, wool and timber.

Sustainable Cotton

Cotton production is highly water and chemical intensive, whilst providing a livelihood for 250 million people around the world. As cotton is the most used fibre across the Country Road Group, we have an important role to play in transforming the cotton industry. Our goal is for 30% of cotton products to support sustainable farming practices by the end of 2018.

Better Cotton Initiative

Country Road Group is partnering with the Better Cotton Initiative to transform cotton production globally. The Better Cotton Initiative helps farmers grow cotton in a way that protects the environment and improves the livelihoods of farming communities.

Country Road Group also sources organic cotton for selected ranges. Organic cotton is grown without chemicals and according to strict environmental standards which are audited independently.


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Deforestation Free Cellulose

Not many people realise that cellulosic fibres like viscose, modal and lyocell are tree-based fibres. In fact, it is estimated that 120 million trees are logged every year for fabrics - a third of which are from ancient and endangered forests.

Country Road Group is partnering with Canopy to ensure that fabrics come from suppliers who have eliminated deforestation in their supply chains. Fabric producers are expected to have policies in place and complete annual CanopyStyle audits to identify and eliminate any contentious fibres in their supply chains.

We are also mindful of the processing impacts of cellulosic fibres and look to fabrics like TENCEL® lyocell and Lenzing Modal®, where the wood pulp is converted into fibre using manufacturing processes that minimize the impact on the environment.


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Leather Working Group

In response to the number of environmental and animal welfare challenges that leather poses, Country Road Group is committed to improving traceability and promoting sustainability within its leather supply chain.

As a first step, we are engaging our suppliers to map the leather supply chain and get a better understanding of where the leather comes from. We are also encouraging suppliers to source leather from tanneries accredited against the Leather Working Group (LWG) standard – an environmental standard that promotes sustainable business practices within the leather industry.

Member of Leather Working Group

In addition to partnering with suppliers who are progressive in their approach to chemical management and water stewardship, Country Road Group is supportive of a number of organisations that are driving change in this industry. Country Road Group became a member of the LWG in April 2017 and is involved in the LWG Animal Welfare Sub-Group and Textile Exchange Beef and Leather Working Group, with the objective of partnering with a diverse range of stakeholders to address the complex issues within the leather and beef supply chain.

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